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Keep Your Car Functioning at Its Peak

Regularly having your car’s transmission serviced, whether your car has manual or automatic transmission, will help prevent grime from building up in your vehicle’s system and help extend the life of your transmission, avoiding costly repairs. For the times when your transmission needs more than a routine service, we also provide quality transmission repairs to fix any problems that arise.

Transmission Services

Our transmission services include routine fluid changes, transmission flushes and more. When you bring your car to Peninsula Transmission, our experienced mechanics will make sure your transmission fluid is at the correct level, refill the fluid and change it as needed. We will also replace the filter if necessary in order to ensure your vehicle’s continued performance.

With routine maintenance from our experienced technicians, we’ll help prevent your car’s gears from grinding. If you have a vehicle with an automatic transmission, we’ll make sure there is the correct amount of fluid to create the hydraulic pressure your car needs. With our superior service, you can rely on your car to run smoothly.

Transmission Repairs

After a collision, or simply with natural wear and tear, your vehicle’s transmission can begin to overheat, grind or experience other issues. If you notice your car pauses when shifting gears, shakes while moving, the transmission slips or jumps or if you notice a burning smell, your vehicle may need repairs to continue functioning.

At Peninsula Transmission, our trained mechanics will quickly inspect and diagnose your car’s transmission problem and perform the repairs you need to drive worry-free again. We can solve both common and complex transmission issues, including worn gears, synchronizers, clutches and more.

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